Susan Steinman

Susan has dreamt of fun, mysterious adventures since she was a little girl. As a parent, and now grandparent, she understands adventures can open a portal to magical encounters through imagination and fun.

Why Susan Wrote The Series


Susan knows the importance of helping children realize that they are powerful, creative, and able to make a difference in the lives of others. Her hope is that by reading a fun adventure where the kids are the hero’s and connected to a magical environment, it will foster a sense of empowerment and normalize the child’s own innate creativity and value to the world.

About Susan

Susan treasures helping kids connect with their inner creativity. Through the series, (Alex and Ace: The Adventure of the Purple Pendant & Alex and Ace: The Adventure on the River of Grass) she encourages kids of all ages to remember they are powerful, creative, and able to make an extraordinary contribution to the world, just by being themselves. She is busy working on the next adventure in the Alex and Ace series, inspired by the mountains of Colorado and her big pup, Sadie.

“Magic, like energy, will change forms, but it never ends. It is always within reach.”
- Ginger Cinnamon Tenderfoot


Author Experiences


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Visiting classrooms and talking to kids about the writing and creative process is one of Susan’s favorite things to do.

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