Alex and Ace:

The Adventure on the River of Grass


Deep in the murky marshes of the Florida Everglades, mystery awaits. Alex and Ace are reunited with their animal friends, Corvus Merle Raven, and Ginger Cinnamon Tenderfoot. Corvus is the head of the Council of All Good Everywhere (C.A.G.E.) and help is needed now. They must find a missing statue which has magical, protective powers. The stakes are high, and the future of this enchanted land is uncertain if they can’t locate it. The race is on, and they must work together as a team to find it before greedy Sully Duskfinger does. In this second adventure in the Alex and Ace series, the kids discover not everything is as it seems. Exploring the boundaries of the unknown takes courage and determination. Suspense and excitement build as the kids realize they are up for the task.



Susan knows the importance of helping children realize that they are powerful, creative, and able to make a difference in the lives of others. Her hope is that by reading a fun adventure where the kids are the hero’s and connected to a magical environment, it will foster a sense of empowerment and normalize the child’s own innate creativity and value to the world.

I love the continuing adventures of Alex Ace. I read with eager anticipation! So happy many of the magical characters are back. And glad to meet the loving Uncle Mike. A delight to read! A book for all ages.

-Jane M.

This storyline is adventurous and suspenseful! Just enough for those younger readers. Brings life back to suspense and thrills. Look forward to the next from this author!

-Angie M

I bought this book to read with my granddaughters Gianna and Lizzy when they sleep over my at my home. They are enjoying reading this book with me and my husband. My granddaughters ages are age 6 and 8. I recommend to buy this book for your children or grandchildren.

-Sharon P

Remember when being a kid meant adventures in exploring, a special trip with a best friend, or maybe even an experience with mystery and magic? Events that you could only share later with those closest to you.

Author Susan Steinman’s new book: The Adventure on the River of Grass, is her second amazing entry in the continuing story of the Alex and Ace series, as two kids share imaginative and fun adventures, this time on a family visit to the Florida Everglades.

With the help of their trusted, animal-talking, friends, Alex and Ace work to unlock a mystery involving a missing statue with important implications to the future health of the local island areas and its inhabitants.

It is tale told with mindfulness and respect, fun twists and adventurous turns, and a little magical realism thrown in to remind us of those wonderful and imaginative childhood memories and that live in all of us.

John Parra

Award-Winning Artist, Illustrator, & Children's Author,

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

-Henry David Thoreau

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